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American Modern Jujitsu website

The American Modern Jujitsu website is the website where you can purchase Master Velez Inc. home study courses. Every course comes with curriculum and dvd . On this site you will find great deals. Learn everything from mixed martial arts, jujitsu, kickboxing, karate, wrestling, and many more !


The Diversified League Of Martial Artists is a free federation. You can get rank certs for you and your students for free. There is also a message board for members to chat . The DLMA hosts free tournaments every year. DLMA has members from all over the world . Check it out !

International Breaking Federation

The IBF is a federation for all Martial Artists that practice and compete in the sport of martial art breaking . It was started by Master Velez for Martial Artists to show and record their skills in the art of Martial Art breaking . You can register any break here. All tournaments and records are free to all members. In addition, there is a breaking registry.

izzyjujitsu channel on youtube Check out Master Velez doing martial arts and breaking on his youtube channel