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Master Israel Velez III


Master Velez Breaking

Master Velez Does a Crane Wrist Break


Master Velez Training with UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn

Ridege Hand Break


Master Velez Training with UFC ICON Frank Shamrok

Elbow Break


Israel Velez vs Frank Shamrock after Master Velez Trained with the UFC ICON

training with UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn


Picture before Master Velez Breaks 7 boards no spacers with his elbow

Master Velez Makes the Newspaper


Master Velez with one of his Fellow Instructors Grandmaster PAul Hickey. Master Hickey is a world Martial Arts Breaking Champion. He is also a master in Kempo GOJU and Tang Soo Do.

Master Velez with Master Quoc Tran in the TKD Times.


GM Hickey ax kick break

Master Velez years ago power lifting


Master Velez first martial arts instructor his father. His father was also his wrestling and football coach.


Master Velez is a power lifter


Fan Art. Artist Eddie D painted this pic of Master Velez Breaking.

World Record Break. Master Velez Breaks 7 boards no spacers on his kness. check out the break on youtube.  

Crane Wrist Break

Training with PFS (JKD Instructor ) and friend Instructor Mike Frazier 


Training with friend and PFS (JKD Instructor) Daniel Rivera

World Record break. 10 boards. Watch (The big break) on youtube. Master Velez did this break for autism awareness. 


Master Velez breaks 10 boards 


Master Velez was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.