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Will Master Israel Velez III match the world's hardest striker? :


Back in 2010 Grandmaster Paul Hickey entered a contest against a computer. The computer measured the hardest strike a martial artists could strike. GM Paul Hickey won the contest. Will Master Israel Velez III on November 5th match the world's hardest striker? Grandmaster Paul Hickey has the world record for the Ridge hand strike. This is the same strike he used to win the World’s Hardest Strike challenge. Stay tuned for results on 11/5/2017.




Chasing the G.O.A.T: 

 International Breaking Federation World Record News Interviews 

GM Israel Velez III



 IBF News: What is the deal with chasing the G.O.A.T? 


GM Velez: The GOAT is Grandmaster Paul Hickey. He is the greatest IBF breaker of all time. He and a few other IBF breakers have world titles and world records in several breaking federations. GM Hickey is great at all breaking challenges. His Ridge Hand Break is in my sights. I am looking to set the IBF World Record for the Ridge Hand Break but might try and tie the GOAT's record.


IBF News : IBF always breaks for a great cause. What will the IBF be breaking for on November 5th ? 


GM Velez: We will be breaking for Autism Awareness and I will be breaking in honor of my great uncle Mohamed Melegy who just recently passed away.


IBF News : What direction is the International Breaking Federation going? 


GM Velez: We have a huge tournament in the works for 2018. This will be a tournament that is one of a kind. I am holding it near to my heart. If I announce it, other federations probably will follow.


IBF News : GM Israel Velez you invented the online tournament in my opinion and now competitors can compete in person with you and Vice president GM Paul Hickey. How do you feel about the online tournaments?


GM Velez: I love them, it gives folks a way to compete and show their skills without the travel and all the expense, but if they compete in person, the break will be a verified break.


IBF News : Anything else you would like to add to this interview. 


GM Velez: Yes IBF has members all over the world. IBF has some of the best martial artists across the globe. I am proud to be able to give a forum to martial artists that want to showcase how great they are and help them compete for whatever cause is important to them. This October and November IBF will run the biggest tournament in martial arts because of the internet and our ability to use YouTube and Facebook.


IBF News: Thanks for sitting with us and promoting the sport on a global scale. 


GM Velez: No problem. This will be live on YouTube and Facebook. Check out israelvelez.com for more info on the International Breaking Federation.  

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